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not only the industry’s best kept secret, it is our flagship software application that has single-handedly defined a product category all its own!  This “killer-app” has revolutionized the process of field created existing conditions [“as-built”, or “as-is” as we call it!] building floor plan documentation.  Positioned as a standalone front-end to your existing CAD or BIM package, PLANSurveyor automates the building survey process in a fashion that is just not possible with CAD or BIM.  Not only is knowledge of CAD or BIM not required to use PLANSurveyor, in fact, as we say, if you know “up from down” and “left from right”, and are able to tell the difference between “a wall, a window and a door”, then you know PLANSurveyor!  All the knowledge and know-how regarding architecture with respect to building documentation is built right into PLANSurveyor.  You simply measure, point and click… it’s that easy!  PLANSurveyor provides complete control over all aspects of the building survey.  When input is required, the PLANSurveyor “Power Pad” provides one-touch access to all building elements and measurements.  By methodically and systematically traversing each and every space within a facility, fully layered CAD drawings, complete with every symbol and object important to your documentation, are accurately positioned and described.  Arced and angled walls, no problem!  Complex architecture, no problem!  Inexperienced at building documentation, no problem... all the tools, techniques and methodologies are simplified and optimized to automate our patented PLANSurveyor survey process.  Sketching with paper and pencil, dealing with transcription errors, omissions and illegible notes are a thing of the past.  Accuracy is ensured through the use of dynamic element linking technology, tolerance settings, automated closure checks and the powerful Auto-Close routine.  Return trips to the field are completely eliminated!  Universally recognized as the most technologically advanced and feature rich program of its kind, when coupled with the latest in mobile computing [Slate / Tablet PC’s] and laser distance meters, PLANSurveyor's elegant and easy to use interface [simply Tap, Touch, Talk or Transmit], quickly and accurately transforms simple measurements into architectural CAD floor plans [or BIM] of any existing structure.  If you want to create existing conditions building documentation more accurately, efficiently and affordably when compared with conventional methodologies and traditional approaches, then PLANSurveyor is the only tool for you [and available only to exclusively licensed  Affiliates]!