Frequently Asked Questions

Program Background

I Q T, L.L.C. is a building survey services and systems firm (founded in 1996 as InfoQuest Technologies, L.L.C.) with locations in Tampa, Florida and Wethersfield, Connecticut.  I Q T specializes in the creation of "as-is" existing conditions floor plans and BIM model documentation.  I Q T believes the only way to produce an "as-is" floor plan or model is by doing a detailed and exhaustive survey and measurement of the existing building conditions, and carefully documenting the layout and configuration of all walls, doors, windows, stairwells, elevator shafts, plumbing fixtures, structural columns, and any other pertinent features required for documentation.  For over twenty years, we have made it our mission to engineer the survey process and methodology to maximize efficiency, increase accuracy, and minimize costs.  Using state-of-the-art laser distance meters, tablet computers, and PLANSurveyor TM , coupled with our time-tested methodologies, we have been able to survey and create "as-is" floor plan drawings and models faster and with greater accuracy and consistency than ever before.  This unique and innovative package, consisting of hardware, software, education, and support is what we refer to as the I Q T Survey SystemTM.

The  Business Affiliate Program offers entrepreneurial individuals and small A/E/C industry firms the opportunity to capitalize on our nearly thirty years of experience in documenting the built environment.  This turn-key business opportunity provides architectural, engineering and construction related industry professionals with all the training and tools necessary to offer existing conditions documentation services to your specific geographic region of the country.  All pricing, quotations, quality assurance/control and invoicing are handled by I Q T, while prospective opportunities, field surveying and back-office CAD or BIM effort [if desired] is performed by the Business Affiliate.  I Q T believes every major market can benefit from “As-Is” existing conditions documentation services, and has witnessed the potential for growth with a recent company expansion.  With an increasing network of service providers, we can benefit from each other’s time and talent, capitalize on local knowledge and markets, while providing support to smoothen the seasonal peaks and valleys inherent in a geographic specific small business.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, construction spending exceeds $1.1 trillion dollars a year in the United States.  More than 50% of those projects include renovating or tying into existing buildings.  Each of those projects require accurate existing conditions documentation.  However, a good existing conditions document isn’t used by the A/E/C industry alone.  Building owners, facility managers, real estate professionals, and insurance appraisers all make use of the important data associated with existing conditions documents.

While any do-it-yourselfer with a pencil, a piece of graph paper, a tape measure and access to a CAD program are potential competitors, in actuality, there are virtually no organizations that offer the combination of educated professionals, experience, expertise, processes, procedures, methodologies, and tools necessary to provide consistent, accurate, and timely “As-Is” existing conditions documentation (including floor, exterior elevation & roof & section plans, in both CAD & BIM formats).  And while any architect or architectural firm may possess their own capabilities, our history has demonstrated that they are more likely to be our customers rather than our competitors.

Point clouds are a great tool for specific uses in gathering field survey data.  However, because laser scanning is a “line-of-sight” technology, there are limitations to its effective application, including space partition density, furniture, and occupation sensitivity.  Using the I Q T Survey SystemTM, we find that any moderately dense building interior, such as commercial offices, retail, educational, or residential buildings, can be measured much more quickly and efficiently versus using point cloud technology.  Couple that with the extremely high acquisition cost of the equipment and related training, point clouds have been better used on a special-case basis and outsourced to an experienced outfit.  With the recent introduction of more moderately priced laser scanning units, I Q T has brought that capability in-house.  Our workflows, expertise, and experience with complementary technologies have allowed us to integrate the use of these units in the most efficient way possible.  We do not expect Business Affiliates to shoulder the cost of purchasing or training on a laser scanner, but are willing to share the use of the unit where it is deemed necessary for specific projects.

I Q T offers various Optional Add-on Services, including BOMA, FICM, and ANSI Area Analyses, Evacuation Plans, Drawing Preparation & Database Linking for facility management software, and hard copy to CAD conversions.  As a business affiliate, you are not required to learn the vagaries of each of these processes, nor do they affect the field survey or finalization process in any way.

No.  The Business Affiliate Program is designed for individuals who want to start (or already have) their own company and be their own boss.  You work when you want to, pursuing various types of work at your own pace.  With that said, ideally your company becomes part of a strategic business network, with affiliates positioned across the country, acquiring work locally and sharing surplus work nationally.

Becoming a  Business Affiliate with I Q T means that while you market to your own geographic territory, if we have surplus work, or are contacted to do work in your exclusive geographic territory, we will ask that you be involved in the project.  You can choose to assist or not, depending on your schedule and final deliverable format requested by the client.

Business Details

As seen in the industry specific examples, six-figure earnings are readily attainable through reasonable marketing, sales, and field work efforts, given fair market conditions.

If a  Business Affiliate consistently brings in clients that request Optional Add-on Services, like Area Analyses, Evacuation Plans, Database Linking, or Document Conversions, I Q T is prepared to offer quarterly bonuses based on the sale of these additional services.

This depends on how quickly you can get up to speed with the field survey and back-office processes, as well as how much work you acquire.  The industry specific examples show how profitable each type of project can be.  All the estimated times are based on a moderately capable surveyor and CAD/BIM operator with approximately four weeks of experience working through the process.  With practice and effort, a good surveyor and CAD/BIM operator can cut up to 20% off the estimated times, earning more profit per hour of work.  With good market conditions and effective marketing and sales, first year profitability can be achieved within months.

 Business Affiliates have exclusivity within their own geographic territories.  These territories are designated with respect to consideration of geographic size and population, and may be limited to a major metropolitan area, portion of state, an entire state, multiple states or sub-region of the country.

The exclusivity of geographic regions is guaranteed for one year.  We expect to continue to extend this exclusivity to the Affiliate in one-year increments, provided that the Affiliate continues in good standing and that the Affiliate has demonstrated the ability to meet the demand for service throughout their entire geographic territory.

There are sixteen distinct and exclusive geographic regions located throughout the continental United states.  With interested parties and potential affiliates currently interviewing, we cannot guarantee any particular region will be available.

Mobility to a higher metallic level is possible at any time by simply paying the initiation fee cost differential of the upgrade.  If you choose to downgrade, that can be addressed on a yearly basis at the time of your annual program renewal.

The Initiation Fee includes Metallic Level software (PLANSurveyor TM [Platinum, Gold, Silver], AutoCAD® [Platinum, Gold], Revit® [Platinum]), Metallic Level Hardware (Tablet & accessories, Laser Distance Meter, 25' Steel Tape Measure), Training & Support for all included software & hardware, Business Integration (including Your Company's Name and Logo in our Project Management System & Access to Cloud-based storage and file sharing), Sales & Marketing Training, and guaranteed geographic exclusivity for one year.  The affiliate’s interests, capabilities and region determine Program’s Initiation Fee and Start-Up Costs, which can include registering Your Business legally, starting a website, joining client industry organizations and producing & distributing marketing materials.  The Annual Renewal Fee includes updated software licenses and maintenance for all applicable software, continued geographic exclusivity and ongoing support services.

Once your commitment is assured, the hardware and software procurement, set-up, installation, configuration, and testing process takes about two weeks, during which time, your self-paced PLANSurveyor TM  software training can begin.  We will also schedule a 1 to 3-day on-site training session with you where you will be familiarized with I Q T sales and marketing strategies, workshopping with the new hardware and the I Q T Survey SystemTM, learning about project workflows, storage, and reporting, and spending some time with an I Q T specialist to learn the tricks and techniques to get the most out of the system and software.  Marketing can begin immediately once you are comfortable with your knowledge of all aspects of the survey and delivery process.

As a referral or outsource provider, you will be copied on all client contact, and receive daily or weekly (whichever is appropriate) update emails on the progress of any work being completed on your behalf.

While the work performed by Platinum and Gold Affiliates is equivalent, only Platinum Affiliates can perform Revit® finalization of deliverables.  This can increase the size of your earnings share of your potential client base, but is greatly influenced by market conditions.  Certain areas of the country have been much quicker to adopt Revit® deliverables.

As we consider you an extension of I Q T, we want you to consider the  Business Affiliate Network as an extension of your organization as well.  This means if you are approached about a project that concerns you based on size or deliverable format, we are here to help.  We don't want you to turn away work based on size or time constraints.  Conversely, as part of a nationwide network of affiliates, if there is surplus work in any one region, we may offer to send work your way.

The need for additional systems is an indication of your continued success, and we are here to support you grow your business.  If the need for additional systems is less than one month, then we offer short-term rentals on a weekly basis.  For projects where the need is a bit longer, we offer monthly and quarterly leasing of the system, and where the need is expected to be ongoing, you have the option to purchase as many additional systems as necessary to properly service your client base in a timely fashion.

I Q T does regular service work in various major markets in the New England and Florida Regions.  We realize that different markets support different pricing structures.  We base our regional pricing on architectural salary data, and adjust to what the market can support.  We strive to not overprice, nor undervalue the services we provide.

On our website, we market our company as a national building documentation service provider, so in that regard, our Affiliates are included in that marketing effort.  Also, several times a year, I Q T will exhibit, sponsor, and/or attend national conferences.  If we are in your region when that occurs, we may ask you to join us, but there is no requirement.  However, territorial marketing is the responsibility of the  Business Affiliate.

Should the occasion arise that you wish to leave the  Business Affiliate Network, we kindly ask for ninety days’ notice in writing.  The hardware acquired specifically under the Business Affiliate Program is yours to keep.  Any software/application licenses would expire at midnight on the final day of the termination period.

Application Hardware & Software

The I Q T Survey SystemTM is a unique and innovative package consisting of state-of-the-art laser distance meters, Tablet Computers and the PLANSurveyor TM  software, coupled with our time-tested methodologies, training, and support, designed to maximize efficiency, increase accuracy, and minimize survey time, in addition to eliminating costly and disruptive return visits to the field.  We offer only the best-of-breed products that we test and certify in our demanding service department.

See a comprehensive write up here.

We offer Fujitsu Tablet Computers, due to their quality, reliability, power, and efficiency.  The two models we currently recommend are the STYLISTIC® Q616 (bronze), and the STYLISTIC® Q739 (Gold & Platinum).  The 11" Q616 is less powerful, but more mobile, and is recommended for field survey use only.  the 13" Q739 is much more powerful, and can handle field surveying, AutoCAD® & Revit®.

This is a device that will be used extensively in the field, and we recommend accessories that will enable that use.  a good hand strap and travel case, as well as extra A/C and car adapters can enhance and lengthen the field experience.  We also recommend keyboard docks and a high-quality mouse, allowing you to take advantage of the versatility of the tablet format to use as a back-office laptop as well.  These accessories are included in the Initiation Fee.

A laser distance meter is essentially a tape measure that uses a laser to measure the distance instead of a steel spool.  The benefits include improved accuracy, range, and the lack of need for someone to hold the "dumb" end of the tape.  With today's Bluetooth® communication, measurements are wirelessly transferred to PLANSurveyor TM , so number transposition errors are minimized as well.  We recommend Leica DISTO™ laser distance meters.  We currently recommend the X4 model for most measurements.  We also recommend the Leica DST360 Remote Measurement Adapter where direct measurements are impossible.  Included in the Initiation Fee is the cost of the X4 laser distance meter & DST360 Remote Measurement Adapter.

Training & Support

An I Q T executive will outline the steps involved in contacting & joining potential client organizations, creating mailing lists, and directly marketing the services to prospective clients.  We can create and share marketing material templates that I Q T uses with success.  This process will involve some costs, included as a portion of the Program Start-Up Costs under the Program Fees & Costs.

I Q T fully supports PLANSurveyor TM  through personal, live phone and interactive web-based support.  As an I Q T Affiliate, you are also entitled to all software updates and new releases.  Autodesk products come with online chat and email support, as well as software updates and new & previous versions.  As users of all the software & equipment we recommend, we can offer loaner hardware when a sudden need arises, or unique tips and tricks to get the most out of the software.

We offer full training of PLANSurveyor TM  and all its use cases to get you in and out of the field as quickly as possible with a complete and accurate survey.  We also offer workflow training on how to integrate with AutoCAD® & Revit®, as well as tips on working with PLANSurveyor TM  files in AutoCAD® & Revit® to maximize your speed in finalizing projects.  We do not offer training in AutoCAD® or Revit®, but are active users of the software and can offer advice and tips on increasing efficiency of back-office work.

Your business affiliation will be handled personally by Brendan Molloy, President of I Q T, and/or Jeffrey Mitchell, Vice President of I Q T.  Your success is our success as well, and we will help you however we can.